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Building Interconnected & Resilient Communities

We built a software platform that transfers the power to you. Using blockchain technology, you can control your energy consumption and work with your communities to harness clean energy anytime you want it.


Decentralized energy markets.

Community based, locally sourced energy. Interact directly with others through secure peer-to-peer transactions.


Power of the future.

Join the clean energy revolution. Let’s create the reliable and resilient energy market of the future.

Control your own energy usage. You have the power to control what energy you use, when you use it, and how you use it.

We empower you.


Turn renewable energy production into something that benefits you and the next generation.

Blockchain Technology

Peer-to-peer network, secure transactions

Energy Management

Individual control, community impact

Grid-Edge Visibility

Unlock a reliable, resilient solution

Smart Cities

Next generation technology, today

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